Customer Experience Video's

Here are some examples of the user experience you can expect while using our service.

The video above shows the user experience when using our standalone support application on Windows XP.

The video above shows the user experience when using our web-based Java application on Windows 7.

Windows Automatic Logon

The video above shows how to enable automatic logon in Windows.

Installing, Removing and Identifying our "Persistent" Connection

The video above shows you the process of installation and removal of our "persistent" connection software, as well as identifying the service for manual removal.


Windows Help and Support

Having problems with your Windows Operating System? Is your computer slow? Does it crash or freeze? Our expert technicians can identify and fix your problems in the shortest possible time and optimize your PC and laptop speed.

Computer Tune-Up

Let us tune your computer with our PC Tune-up Service: our technician will check your computer using our proprietary diagnostic checkup software to help make it run at is best!

Malware & Virus Removal

Our service representative diagnoses your computer to determine any root causes of Malware, Virus or other 'rogue' software and removes any threads found to resolve any issues identified.

Network Setup & Troubleshooting

Our expert technician will diagnoses your network setup & router settings to detect problems or optimize your (security) settings.